Il vero brodetto sangiorgese



The true “brodetto sangiorgese”

For the lovers of the home culinary traditions, or simply for the one who loves the fish and the good kitchen, there is an appointment that have not to be lost with... The true ”brodetto sangiorgese”! The municipality of Porto San Giorgio encoded the “brodetto” as “” and brought it on the tables of the city restaurants.  From the Venetian "broeto" to the "brodetto sangiorgese", that De.Co. goes back again to the Venetian Middle Ages term "broeto", when a dense gravy was initially the base of only one kind of fish. It belonged to the area of the gulf in Venice, that embraced the whole Adriatic, up to come in Greece.

The fish more used was the gudgeon that did not have market in central Italy of the epoch. The fishermen, who cooked this fish in a kind of stew, started soon to call it "the poor men's brodetto." Over time, they added  the mullets and the sardines to the gudgeon and to the bread, that was dipped into the fish soup. During the XIXth century they started using the polenta. Then, the wives of the fishermen put together the different fishes, the grass of the kitchen garden and the broth started to be similar to the actual. Nowadays every people prepare the broth according to his or her own recipe.

There is someone who puts us the green tomato and someone else who puts tomato soup. There is someone who uses the wine and someone else who put the vinegar there. Someone flavors the broth with the pepper and someone else uses the chili. Some people prefers the garlic to the onion and other people puts them both.  The “brodetto sangiorgese" must combine the different tastes like in a chorus. A sour component like the vinegar or the garlic, or maybe the green tomato must balance the sweet aftertaste of the fish. In the De.Co recipe, people are not allowed to use frozen fish. The same is for those fishes not of the central Adriatic (it would be better if they came from the mirror of water of the locale marine) All the other ingredients must be local.

The official recipe prescribe the mackerel, the small spotted catshark and/or the smooth hound, the cod, the scad, the scorpion fish, the dory fish, the conger, the mullet, the whiting, the thornback, the angler-fish, the tracina, the sea moorhen, the star gazer, the octopus, the prawns, the grey mullet and the crab. You must choose at least 13 different kinds of these fishes, and you must accompany them with green tomatoes, parsley, vinegar, chili, oil and salt. The broth had its debut on the 18th of June 2013, inside the Villa Bonaparte of Porto San Giorgio. During the evening, the prefect, the mayor, municipal and regional counselors, personnel of the harbor office were present. It has also been possible to taste the broth that from now to the future will be “the witness of the etno-gastronomic and historical-traditional resources of the community of Porto San Giorgio”. People can taste the official recipe once a week in the restaurants following the circuit.





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