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In the heart of the Fermano coast, there is Porto San Giorgio. The city offers itself as a modern tourist resort and combines its vast and qualified services with a people-friendly dimension. Porto San Giorgio places itself well integrated in the infrastructure network. The railway station and the exit of the motorway make the city be easily reached, also from both Ancona (60 km) and Pescara (150 km) airports.

Porto San Giorgio boasts of an excellent port for both tourists and anglers. It is one of the biggest of the Adriatic Sea and one of the most modern and well equipped in the Europe: 140.000 square meters of water, 900 berths for boats up to 30-meter long and an ample area for fishing. Thanks to the port services quality, to its structure, and to the high quality of the bathing water, Porto San Giorgio obtained many times the blue flag from the EU.

Oleandro-giallo an ancient custom hospitality ...

Porto San Giorgio synthesizes tradition and modernity. Among the years, the city developed and improved its tourist offer and maintained the life quality that make Porto San Giorgio the ideal place for a holiday or a shorter stay.

A seaside city, where the modernity of the accommodation magnificently combines with the gastronomic tradition and the ancient customs hospitality. Here the sounds and the colors of avant-garde artistic events fuse in the calms seawaters, the history lives along the old marine alleys and the present goes on between the lights and the savors of the shops, of the places, of the restaurants.

During the day, the long and ample sandy shore rocks the tourists in its warm embrace of relax, during the night thanks to the music, shows and events it becomes animated.

Porto San Giorgio it is not only synonymous of "summer".

During the whole year, the city is rich of proposals and ideas, with its theatrical shows, concerts, gastronomic peculiarities, and its Christmas events in continuous and stimulating interesting discoveries.

Oleandro-rosa ... in the cal sea waters ...


Thanks to its seawaters, Porto San Giorgio offer. The sea becomes a kind of casket, where people can relax and forget the noises and the thoughts. In our environment the sea is the good giant, whose calm waters bring back the right equilibrium to the marine life.

Oleandro-blu a long history of sea ...
05_una_lunga_storia_di_mare While constructing the motorway, an area that was once occupied by the sea, evidence of the medieval ages of Porto San Giorgio came to light. It is said that its foundation happened in the dark centuries of the first millennium, thanks to some Venetian fishermen who took refuge on the coast due to a storm. Nowadays, the last names of some people of Porto San Giorgio still reveal this past. Thanks to a Venetian, the Podesta of Fermo (and future doge of Venice: Lorenzo Tiepolo), the city had the fortress, to defense the coast, that was infested by the Saracens. It was the 1297. Besides the date of construction, the inscription on the arch of the fortress documents the presence of a territory endowed with shipping, defended by a castle, on which the city of Fermo had the jurisdiction. Since then, the stories of Porto San Giorgio had been strictly connected to those of Fermo. With the advent of the “Kingdom of Italy”, the city got a vast territory and the actual denomination.
Oleandro-giallo one of the biggest port in the Adriatic sea ...
07_tra_i_piA__grandi_dell_Adriatico The legend tells the reference to St. George is due to some local sailors, who had a vision of the saints, while being themselves in danger of life. Then they could be saved. Porto San Giorgio begins its urban development beyond the old suburb, with the birth of two new districts: the “Squero” (arsenal, in Venetian), in the south of the city, typical marine district; the “Chalk”, so called for the presence of lime factories, in the north. Shortly the most modern quartier of the city rose with plazas, gardens and small villas, turning the primitive suburb into a real bathing station. The climatic and therapeutics virtues of the city were already known since the beginning of the 20th century. Porto San Giorgio was recognized by the ministerial decree of 28.10.1927 as a “station of care, stay and tourism”. The tourism is the main local economic business, but fishing continue to exist. The fishing activity, practiced with the "lancette", typical local boats, was definitely increased by the entrance in use of the "paranza", an agile and common boat along the coast picena.

Oleandro-rosa alog the Fermano's coast...

Thanks to its clear and clean waters and to its sand, the coast of Porto San Giorgio  is given the blue flag and is one of the treasures of the whole Fermano. The temperature is already mild in May, while the climate is pleasant even more in September. There are many chalets offering a pleasant reception to the tourists (particularly to the families) that animate the beaches, making pleasant and amusing the stay. The sandy coast with its secular palms leaves also space to large areas of free beaches, possible to approach with his/her own equipment. Nevertheless, it is possible to spend pleasant times in the fresh pinewoods equipped with a park where children can play, or to take long walks in bicycle along the cycle lane, crossing the whole coast, to reach the port.

Oleandro-blu a continuous discovery ...

The traces of its evolution are visible while walking among the streets of the city.

The impressive fortress “Tiepolo” stands from medieval times today turned to arena for shows. Once, it was an effective defensive system from the Saracen raids. People can find it a few dozen meters from the ss 16 "Adriatica", an area lapped by the sea between the XII and the XIII century. It extends itself for about 1.000 sq.m, picked together in an irregular hexagonal perimeter, provided of five towers. To reach it, people have to walk through a long stairway steps, which made a siege difficult. Once raiders entered the walls, they were still found under the fire of the armigers castled in the mastio, the greatest and tallest tower, last rampart for the defenders. The fortress have been certainly the silent witness of seven centuries of history of Porto San Giorgio, like the legend of Rosanna the castellan.

It is said, that towards the end of the XIVth century, the Turks landed on the coasts of “Castel San Giorgio” and were faced from locals headed by the young Pierfrancesco. The battle was fierce, but the Turks penetrated inside the fortress, while the beautiful Rosanna, bride of Pierfrancesco, observed dismayed from the tallest tower, until a group of Turks reached her. She felt lost and launched herself in the void. The desperate Pierfrancesco killed how much more Turks it was able to, then took his dagger and ran it through his chest, killing himself.

From the profane to the sacred, the distance is short. The cathedral of the city stands at the feet of the fortress; it has three aisles in neoclassic style. Inside the church, there are the monumental statue of the protecting Saint George, work of Giorgio Paci (1840) and a copy of the polittico of Carlo Crivelli.

Oleandro-gialloFrom the profean to the sacred…

On the square in front of the church, we find the marble "Democracy fountain", work of Alfonso Bernardini, and the clock tower. It is possible to admire the theatre (1816)  by crossing the road for Fermo.

On the pediment, a slab of stone brings an actual Latin motto: “Castigat ridendo mores”. The inside of the theater introduces a suggestive decorated vault with an original nocturnal scene, work of the local painter  Sigismondo Nardi, that represents a sky where you can imagine the Greek origins of the dramatic arts.

The visit to the most ancient part in the city continues, toward south, crossing course Castel San Giorgio. At the end of the street, a great Gothic arc is crossed that, together with the other on the left, belonged to the ancient structure of the city.

On the right, on the tallest part of the city, villa Bonaparte stands. It was built at the beginnings of the XIXth century upon the request of Girolamo Bonaparte, brother of Napoleone, who sojourned here. The neoclassical style villa is surrounded by an ample and woody park, and has decorations made by bas-relief reproducing trophies. After the departure of the Bonaparte, the villa was subsequently acquired by the government and then sold to the noble family of the Pelagallo, from which it draws its actual denomination. Behind the building, there is still a part of the ancient building system of the city. An elegant tower merlata (turrimagna) still remains on the south-west side of this defensive apparatus, that anciently encircled the castle.

  Oleandro-rosa to the most ancient part of the city…

The most ancient part of the city is excellently preserved, like the rests of the native walls, whose perimeter was strengthened by a series of equidistant towers.

Bt crrossing the “Adriatica” and arriving to the intersection with “viale Cavallotti”, we can find on the left the ancient liqueurs factory of "Anisina Olivieri", whose origins date back to the 1820. Not so far from this building there is the church of the Suffrage, dated 1695, the first important monument built out of the boundaries, thanks to the interest of the family Trevisani, of Venetian origin. The church owes its name to the altar canvas, on which a suffrage is painted: two saints that ask to the Virgin Mary to save the souls.

  Oleandro-blu about the dramatic arts…
17_delle_arti_drammatiche The walk among the streets of Porto San Giorgio continues between the trees lined avenues and the attractive shop windows, but also among the old and low houses of the fishermen, until over the railroad. Arrived in Mentana square we can find secular palms and the waterfront where the first lovers of the vacation have built numerous small villas in a characteristic liberty style.
  Oleandro-giallo uncontaminated environment…

The depth respect for the nature, for an uncontaminated environment in which to live and in which to welcome and to entertain the tourists, belongs to every citizen of Porto San Giorgio. The unconditional love for our earth and for our sea brings us to work with attention so that all of what we realize and we offer you, result authentic and genuine. In the Fermano’s province, the ancient traditions are tasted, breathed him, and lived…

  Oleandro-rosa ... from the sea to the blue mountains …
20_dal_mare_ai_monti_azzurri Porto San Giorgio is also the ideal place for going towards the so many centers of historical-artistic interest of the Marche, to the find hospitable and hard-working people, an uncontaminated environment, town that seem to be painted on wonderful hills. From the sea to the Blue Mountains, an old adagio is performed. On the horizon, the legendary Sibyllines are perceived, in an ideal prosecution of a fascinating and magic trip, to the search of a new way to intend the vacation: relax, sea, but also nature, culture and history. All in a handkerchief of land.







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